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How to see and write bangla
Step-1: At first make sure Opera mini is installed on your Mobile Phone, If not, go to the website of Opera and download the right version of Opera mini that is best for you mobile device. Install & Run Opera mini

Step-2: Write opera:config or about:config or config: in the address bar (don’t use www with it)
or, Click on this link with your mobile.

Step-3: Find “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” make it “Yes” and click on “Save

That’s it!

Now you can see Bangla properly in your mobile. Not only Bangla. Hindi, Arabian all languages that uses complex scripts, all will be readable now.
Bonus tips: To save MB/ Bandwidth and view page properly in Opera mini go to Settings (*)Mobile view[turn on mobile view] and Save. .

Android Mobile a Bangla dekhte problem hole BbanglaFont.apk Download Kore Install Koron. Then display settings e giye “Bangla Font” Choose koron.

Bangla Likhte Ei Link visti korun: Write Bangla

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